Screen Printing



Screen printing is the technique of burning an image into a mesh screen to transfer ink through and onto a t-shirt. Tanks, hoodies, towels, koozies—let us know what you're looking for, as we have the know-how to make it happen!

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Discharge Inks

Water based inks that chemically removes the dye from the shirt providing bright colors with “Zero Touch” hand feel. The inks are so soft, they feel like they are part of the fabric. Discharge inks are limited to natural material like 100% and Cotton Blends and to certain popular colors.

High Solids

Water base inks that simulate plastisol inks but with a superior smoother surface. High solids inks provide a silky “ Smooth Surface” on all fabric types, from 100% cotton to 100% polyester. Perfect print texture and hand feel for all shirt weights and surfaces.

Water Based Ink

Water base inks that penetrate the fabric absorbing into it, giving a zero touch feel. The softest print, but not ideal for dark garments as it gives a vintage faded look.

Plastisol Inks

The traditional style of screen printing. Ink that is printed on top of the garment. This ink can be printed on all garments regardless of blend or color.